How COVID-19 may change education forever

“This pandemic is the ultimate opportunity to make transformational change to our educational system. We cannot allow this crisis to go to waste. COVID-19 is going to impact us for another year or longer until there is a vaccine. We have an opportunity to change the system in a way that we never had the political courage to do in the last century.”

As the San Jose Spotlight writes, the way we teach children in America is outdated. Students are trained for a life on the factory line instead of taught how to learn and grow themselves and their minds. The current pandemic has fundamentally changed the way that students learn, and now educators across the country have a chance to reform the way we teach students.

The current situation is a tragedy, but we can find some good in all of the bad by using this pause in the education system to better it long term, and change the lives of students for generations down the line.

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